For most Intacct integrations, the Web Services User has a Role assigned to it that contains the Permissions required to allow us to connect and sync with your data. This guide will demonstrate how to find which Role that is, if you are unsure.

Step 1: Log into your Intacct instance with an Administrator account.

Step 2: Navigate to the Web Services User list. It is found under Company, then clicking Web Services Users:

Step 3: The 'Web Services User' list will appear. There will likely only be a single entry here, but if there is more than one there should be one called beanwebadmin, or, if not, one that has something to do with Beanworks or Bean. Find that user and click on the 'View' link:

Step 4: In the 'Web Services User Information' panel, click on the 'Roles Information' tab:

Step 5: The Roles that the Web Services User is using are found on this panel. Take note of what the Roles are, so you can access them from the Roles editor: