In Beanworks, if you delete an Invoice or PO, the Invoices or PO's will be given a status of 'Deleted'.

Deleted Invoices/PO's will show up on the Archived (invoices)/Closed (PO's) tab and also in the 'Search' tab as an option for statuses to search on. This should help users easily track down Invoices/PO's that are deleted in Beanworks.
The status (which is a grey status with the short form of "D") is ALWAYS turned off by default so there is no risk of someone accidentally getting a deleted Invoice/PO in their search results, or having their search results cluttered by junk/deleted Invoices/PO's.
This feature allows users to track down invoices that are deleted in error.

Some important things to note:

  • Deleted Invoices/PO's do NOT count toward the duplicate checker as we think that would be confusing for your users. If a new Invoice/PO is sent in, and another already exists, but is deleted, the duplicate flag will not be set.

  • To remove the deleted status of an invoice/PO you will need to Reset it using the Actions button (top right corner). The invoice/PO will not go back to its previous status and will need to be approved again.