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Modified on Tue, 21 Feb 2023 at 02:40 PM

There are 4 ways to upload invoice images into Beanworks

  1. Mobile app

  2. Email

  3. Scan

  4. Upload from your computer


Invoice images can be uploaded from Beanworks mobile app. Learn more.


Invoices can be emailed directly into Beanworks by using either the auto capture email or manual capture email associated with your user profile. These email addresses are automatically generated when a user profile is created in the system. You can check your manual and auto email addresses by going to your profile.

The Auto Capture email address is used most commonly as invoices that are sent to this email address will be data captured by our verification team. Auto Capture data includes mostly invoice header details -

  • Invoice Number

  • Vendor

  • Date

  • Due Date

  • Subtotal

  • Taxes

  • Total

The Manual Capture email address may be used when you need to immediately process an invoice, and want to add all of the information to the invoice yourself from the create tab.
When you receive an invoice in your email, forward the entire email to your auto or manual capture email address. Read here for the formats we support. 


Invoices can also be scanned directly into Beanworks. To do this, you'll need to configure your scanner to auto forward the invoice image to the your auto or manual capture email address.


STEP 1: On the invoice module 'Create' tab, click on 'Upload' button.

STEP 2: Add the invoice image.

You have two options to add the invoice image, either by dragging and dropping the image in the upload window or by clicking on the 'Add Files' and selecting the image from your computer.

STEP 3: Click on the 'Upload' button to upload the image.

Please note, you can select whether you want the image to be auto or manually captured before uploading the image. Ojnce uploaded, the image will be visible in the Create tab.

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