Once you have submitted your PO for approval, it will change its status to PA (Pending Approval). The PO will be assigned to your team members who will be approving them. POs that are pending approval can be found in the Approvals tab.

Approval Channels

The way your POs are regulated in Beanworks is through approval channels. These channels are made up of other users in your team who are responsible for approving POs according to specific rules. You can see the history of approvers for your PO in the left coding panel under Approval History.

Reviewing POs, Approving and Rejecting

Double click on a PO to review its details, approve, or reject it. You can also click on the view details icon to do this.

When reviewing your PO details, you may also be able to add and modify extra pages to the PO. Note that deleting pages is prohibited during the Approval stage, as the PO should be rejected first to do this action. Please contact your System Admin if you would like to make any coding changes during approval stage.

You can either approve or reject POs depending on the rules you have setup with your team. When Rejecting a PO, commenting is mandatory so that the PO owner can make the necessary changes to resubmit the PO for approval. Commenting the PO is optional when Approving.

Once a purchase order is fully approved, it sits on the committed tab. It is ready for an invoice referencing the PO number to be sent into Beanworks so that they can be automatically matched.

Modifying Approval Channels

Please navigate to your Settings if you would like to edit your current approval channels

After selecting the legal entity, you can start your edits by selecting the pencil icon on right of the channel.