Fully approved invoices may be exported from Beanworks to your ERP. All fully approved invoices are located in the Export tab of the Invoice module

Select the invoices you need to export, click Actions in the top right corner, and choose Export. You will be able to export the invoices as Data, PDF, and Data & PDF. Continue reading below to see what the differences are.

Export as Data

Data produces a data file which is used for electronically recreating the invoices in Beanworks in your ERP. What happens next depends on your ERP. For Desktop and Cloud integrations, invoices are transferred to your ERP via the sync process. For WinSCP integrations, you will download and save the file to upload into your ERP.

Export as PDF 

PDF generates a PDF report containing the coding information of each invoice. No invoice data is sent to your ERP, and the invoices will move from the Export tab to the Archived tab in Exported status.

Export as Data & PDF

Data & PDF produces both the data file as well as the PDF report as described above. In this case, the PDF report is used as a backup to the data file or for auditing purposes. PDF reports can be pulled for exports at any time from the Export History tab.