In order to change either your own email address or someone else's email address (Username), you'll need to contact Beanworks Support: ( Please advise us of the person's current email address and new email address and we will notify you shortly after your request upon completion of the change.
Please note: For security reasons we will only accept username change requests from System Administrators.

Important Notes:

When the username is changed by a Beanworks Support team member, the user will be logged out of Beanworks automatically. To access the Beanworks system again, the user will need to log with their new username/email address.
Changing a username will also change that user's auto-capture email address. If that user has any auto-forwards set up to automatically send invoices into Beanworks, you'll need to have these updated by the IT team at your company. Typically, auto-forwards are set up from email address such as or scanners that are programmed to have invoices set directly to a users auto-capture email.