System Administrators have the permission to deactivate/reactive a user in BeanworksAP.
To deactivate a user:

1. Go the 'Settings' area.

2. Click on 'User Management'.

3. Select the 'Edit' icon next to the name of the user you wish to deactivate.

4. In the 'Edit user settings' area uncheck 'Active' and Press 'Save'.

This will deactivate the user in Beanworks, meaning that the user will not be able to log into Beanworks anymore. They will also no longer be available as a selection to change owner (You cannot give invoices to a deactivated user).

Some important things to note:
If you are deactivating an invoice/PO coder/creator, you should check and see if they currently own any invoices in Beanworks by opening a filter and using the Owner criteria.

If the user has any invoices in an editable status (N, IP, R, RE), you should select these invoices, and group change owner to the appropriate user to take on the deactivated user's work.

If your deactivating an Approver you may see an error such as this:

This means you must first remove the Approver from the approval channels mentioned in the error message before the user can be deactivated.