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If the error is occurring when exporting a Payment, please see further down the article. 

Invoice Sync Error:


You would receive this error if there is a codeable item used in a Beanworks invoice that is not active in your QuickBooks. Beanworks is only able to update information from QuickBooks that exist: if some information has been deleted within QuickBooks (e.g. a list item deleted or a vendor merged), our Beanworks system would not get the information to capture that change. Beanworks is only able to sync any changes that are still present in the QB database.

The deleted list item could belong to any of the following lists: Vendor, Customer Job, Class, Item, or Account. In payments, you could also check the AP account associated with the payment method. The Beanworks system would raise this error as it fails to find the equivalent QuickBooks list item.


To address this error, you would need to look at the coded information in your invoice and verify that each coded values are available within QuickBooks. You would then need to reset the invoice and modify the coding field to the existing list item (i.e. the item that is active in QuickBooks). You can then re-export and sync your invoice.

If you have checked each list item but still encounter difficulties finding the inactive item, please contact Beanworks support team at support@beanworks.com. We would be able to assist you in identifying the asynchronous item.

Error Prevention

To prevent the error from occurring, we can deactivate the list item(s) so they would not appear anymore during coding. Please contact support with the specific item that need to be inactivated.

We strongly recommend to not delete items but inactivate them in QuickBooks so that our list item can reflect the change of status.

Payment Sync Error:


Quickbooks was not able to match the payment to the invoice. When you export an invoice from Beanworks and Sync into QuickBooks the invoice is given a External ID.

When you export a payment from Beanworks into QuickBooks we use that External ID to locate and match the payment to the invoice. If someone has deleted the invoice in QB then the ID does not exist.

Usually someone has deleted the invoice in QuickBooks and recreated the invoice in this situation. 


Since the invoice in Beanworks is already paid you'll have to manually mark the recreated invoice in QB as paid. You can Mark 

Error Prevention

Try not to delete invoices which are exported from Beanworks and sync'd to Quickbooks if possible. If there's a coding error on the invoice in QB (which isn't related to Vendor & Amount) you can update the invoice in QB.

If the vendor or amount is incorrect in QB, the correct procedure would be to delete the invoice in QB and Reset the invoice in Beanworks. 

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