This invoice sync error occured due the description of an invoice exceeding Sage 100’s allowed character limit of 40.


Firstly, the invoice should be reset in SageAPA. The invoice can then be found in the In-Progress tab.

Within the In-Progress tab, find the invoice and click on "View Details" under the Actions menu to edit the invoice.

Edit the description of the invoice so that it no longer exceeds 40 characters. The invoice can then be re-submitted for approval and once approved, exported and synced into Sage 100.

A little advise:

A character limit can be set within SageAPA to prevent the sync error from occurring.

  1. Press the ‘Settings Icon’ and click on ‘Settings’.

2. Select the ‘Invoices’ tab.

3. Select the ‘Coding Fields’ tab.

4. Set the ‘Max Length’ of the ‘Description’ field to 40 and save the new setting.

Now that the ‘Max Length’ for ‘Descriptions’ is set, the following warning will appear if a member of your team tries to submit an invoice for approval with a description character count greater than 40.