Common Cause:

This invoice sync error occured due a difference in the quantity ordered for the specified line item between the invoice and the matched purchase order. This also results in a difference in the extension amount for that line item.


Firstly, the invoice should be reset in Beanworks. The invoice can then be found in the In-Progress tab.

Ensure that the invoice should be matched to a purchase order or that the invoice is matched to the correct purchase order. Un-match the purchase order and match to the correct purchase order if the invoice was initially matched to the incorrect purchase order.

However, if the invoice was matched to the correct purchase order, we must ensure the line items specified in the error have the appropriate quantity ordered and extension amount. Refer to the error and change the quantity of the problematic lines to the appropriate amount. The extension amount should change once the quantity is set. Once changed, the invoice can be exported and synced into Sage 100.