The Referenced Purchase Order(s) is/are not matched: The Purchase Order 00XXXXX is not matched: The line 000XXX does not match : Unit Cost is changed : XX.XXXXXX to XX.XXXXXX

Common Cause:

If you get this error it is most likely that a line amount on the Purchase Order was updated in Sage 100 while the invoice is being processed in SageAPA.


To resolve this error you will need to re-export the invoice which received this sync error. After you run the sync, the new updated Purchase Order information should be imported into SageAPA. Once this information has been successfully imported, the Purchase Order and invoice data should be matched in SageAPA.

Please note that you may need to wait for the Purchase Order to finish importing into Sage APA before seeing the updated information being reflected on the Purchase Order & Invoice.

How can I avoid this error?

This sync error can be avoided if you don't update the PO amount manually in Sage 100 while the invoice is being coded in SageAPA. We recommend that any changes that need to be made to a Purchase Order are done before the invoice is submitted for Approval in SageAPA.