SmartSync is available for customers with the following accounting ERP's:

  • Microsoft GP

  • Netsuite

  • Sage 50 US

  • Sage 100

  • Sage 300 

  • Sage Intacct

  • Quickbooks Desktop

  • Quickbooks Online


  • The syncing of data between Beanworks and the accounting ERP can be controlled from directly within the web application. 

  • Users will not need to interact with a separate SyncTool application which may previously have been located on your company's server and/or your local machine.

  • Users can sync important data on command without the need for their own local machine SyncTool.  

  • No need for individual SyncTool profiles (SFTP usernames and passwords not needed) and only one SyncTool per customer required on the server where your accounting ERP is stored.  


For customers on SmartSync, you will see a new section 'SmartSync' added to the settings area under General. To navigate to settings please click on the gear icon in the top right. 

NOTE: The SmartSync tab is only visible to the following user roles: Invoice Exporter, Invoice Administrator, PO Administrator, Payment Administrator, and System Administrator. As the user role Invoice Exporter does not have access to settings, they may access the SmartSync tab via the gear icon and clicking "My Profile". 

STEP 1A: Click on SmartSync via settings

STEP 1B: Click on SmartSync via My Profile 

STEP 3: Enter the following details to complete the setup and perform the syncing of data

3.1) Review the SyncTool name (auto-populated)
3.2) Select whether you want to do a Full Sync or a Partial Sync (normally you would select Partial Sync)
3.3) Select the Sync From Date
3.4) Click the Sync button to perform the sync

NOTE: If you are a Sage 100 or Sage 300 customer and importing purchase order / receiving data from these accounting ERP's, you have an additional option to select the date from when you want to import the purchase order and receiving data. 

STEP 4: View Sync Activities and Logs

Summary of the Sync Activities performed are listed and the details can be viewed by clicking on the Logs icon. 


We now have the ability to Sync All the legal entities that are on SmartSync.

You will see an option to select the legal entities from a list.

Please note, some of the legal entities may be greyed out for the following reasons -

  • Legal entity does not support SmartSync. 

  • There needs to be at least one successful sync, for the legal entity to be available for sync all. This is needed so that we have information like last sync date and purchase order / receiving start sync date.


A new section 'Sync Status Overview' has been added. This is where a summary of all the syncs initiated is available. This is useful especially if you have multiple legal entities on SmartSync and want to see the sync status across all the legal entities.