For Certain ERP integrations, invoices that fail to import will change to sync error status in Beanworks. Sync Error invoices are located on the Export tab and it is important that you monitor the Export tab for any Sync Error invoices. If you open the details view of an invoice in Sync Error status, you will see the reason for the sync error in the comments section to help you troubleshoot. You should never leave an invoice in Sync Error Status. 

Correcting Invoice Without Sending Data to ERP

If the invoice does not need to be corrected (ex. duplicate already in ERP), manually mark the invoice as exported using the Actions drop down in the details view and select 'Mark Invoice as Exported' . 

Alternatively, you can 'Export by PDF'.

Both of these options  will change the invoice from SE to EX but won't resend the data back to your ERP.

Resetting Invoice

If the invoice does need to be corrected (e.g. it is missing the GL account), reset the invoice using the Action drop down in the details view so the person who originally coded it can fix it, and re-submit for approval.

Re-exporting Invoice

You can also re-export  your invoices and payments in Sync Error (SE) status. To export a SE invoice, select the invoice, then go to Export on the top right corner of Beanworks, then Data (or PDF). This feature will be useful for invoices that have sync errored due to a connection or security issue and just needs to be sent to your ERP again.

Re-exporting Payment

Payments in SE status will remain in the Paid tab of the payments module. To export a SE payment, select the payment, then go to Export on the top right corner of Beanworkks, then Data (or PDF).