Invoices that fail to import will change to Sync Error status in the Export tab. In the comments section of a Sync Error invoice, there will be a message containing the sync error to help you troubleshoot. Have a look through our Help Centre or contact our Support Team for assistance on specific sync errors.

Mark the invoice as Exported

Some sync errors do not need to be synced again to fix, such as a duplicate invoice error for an invoice already in your ERP). Use the Mark Invoice as Exported option under Actions in the invoice view to move the invoice to the Archived tab in Exported status. 

For multiple invoices, you can select Export as PDF under Actions in the Export tab. This will move the invoices to the Archived tab in Exported status, and generated a PDF report of the invoices. 

Reset the invoice

If the invoice needs to be corrected (e.g. it is missing the GL account), reset the invoice using the Action drop-down in the details view. The invoice coding must be updated and approved before it can be exported again. 

Re-export the invoice

Invoices can go into Sync Error status if the sync failed due to an ERP connection issue. In this case, the invoices don't require any changes and will need to be exported again. Select the invoices in Sync Error status that need to be re-exported, and under Actions selected Export as Data.