QBO Sync Error - Unknown QBO API response error message.


Beanworks could not connect to your QBO as there may be a problem with QBO API's. API (Application Programming Interface) which is what we use to connect Beanworks and QBO.


Check that "QuickBooks Online API" is Operational : http://status.developer.intuit.com/

If the API is showing as operational please contact our support desk for us to investigate by emailing support@beanworks.com.
If "QuickBooks Online API" is showing anything other than Operational please wait until Intuit have resolved the issue. Outages rarely occur but it may take a few hours to complete resolve. During this time export invoices from Beanworks will sync error. Also we cannot sync data back from QBO to Beanworks during outages.
Once Operational again you can Undo the export which sync error'd. This will change the invoices in SE status to Approved again.
Guide: How to Undo an export