Approval Channels

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Beanworks approval channels are available for all modules (purchase order, invoices, payments and the recently introduced expenses) offered and can be set up based on customers specific needs and approval matrix. The flexibility with our approval channels allows for creating a simple and / or complex approval workflows with equal ease.


  • You need to be a system admin to setup approval channels.

  • Payments and expenses need to be enabled separately. If you need more information on our payment and expense module please reach out to your customer success manager.


  • Once created approval channels can not be deleted. The reason for this is so that the history is maintained and the data associated with the approval channels is not lost. In case you do not wish to use an approval channel, we recommend that you edit the approval channel and remove the criteria and approvers associated with the given approval channel and move it to last in sequence of the approval channels.

  • If you need any help with creating your approval channels, you can reach out to your customer success manager.


Approval channels can be setup / created based on the following two criteria -

1) Amounts

2) Lists (vendor, gl etc.)

Approval channels can be setup / created either on the legal entity level or at the global level.


Different kinds of approval channels can be setup / created-

1) Single Approver Channel

2) Group Approver Channel

3) Multiple Approval Channels

4) Stop Approval Channels

You can also create an approval channel sequence.


STEP 1: Go to the settings area

Settings --> Select the module --> Select the Legal Entity (unless you want to set the approval channels at the global level)

STEP 2: Create an approval channel

Click on the +create channel.

You will be asked to fill the following information.

  • Name : Add a name for an approval channel. We suggest you enter a name that is self explanatory in describing the approval channel.

  • Description : You can use this to describe your approval channel.

  • Amount : Use this to create an approval channel based on the amount criteria.

  • Legal Entity : Select the legal entity you are creating an approval channel for. If you do not select a legal entity, then the approval channel is set at the global level, which means any invoice/ purchase order matching the approval channel criteria irrespective of the legal entity will hit that approval channel.

  • PO Match : Enable PO Match if you want an invoice to have a purchase order matched to it at the time of coding.

Please note there is an additional criteria only available for Sage 100 and 300 customers for POs created in Sage 100 and 300, where an approval channel can be created for variance tolerance between invoice and receiving data. The variance percentage can be set at quantity, unit cost or invoice total.

  • Lists : You can add an additional approval criteria for the invoice routing.

2.a) Below is an approval channel created on the amount criteria.

2.b) Below is an approval channel created on the list criteria.

If you include list as a criteria for the approval channel, please remember to add the list items you would want to route an invoice / purchase order for.

STEP 3: Add approvers to an approval channel

Click on the pencil icon next to the approvers.

Below is an example of a single approver in a channel. This means only one approver needs to approve. Please note, you can move a single or multiple approvers in the available approvers column to the selected approvers column, by selecting the approvers you want to move and clicking on the arrow in the centre.

Below is an example of two single approver channels. This is an 'and' condition and means two approvers need to approve.

Below is an example of a group approval channel. This is an 'or' condition and means either of the two approvers need to approve.

Below is an example of a single and a group approval channel. This means either of the two approvers in the group approval channel needs to approve and then the user in the single approval channel needs to approve.

Once you have created your approval channel, please select 'Save'.

Please note, if an invoice / purchase order / payment is submitted for approval and no approval channel is found, the system will throw an error.

Once the approval channel is created, you will be able to hover over the approval channel and see the and / or condition the approval channel is based on.


1) Can an approval channel be deleted?

- Once created an approval channel can not be deleted.

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