How to Create Approval Channels - Invoice and Purchase Order Modules

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Approval Channels are used in all modules of Quadient AP. They allow you to create flexible approval workflows tailored to your specific needs. If you have any questions about your Approval Channels or want to discuss your approval workflows, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

Approval Channels requirements and overview

  • System Administrators are the only users who can create and edit approval channels 
  • Module Administrators can view the approval channels for their respective modules
  • Approval Channels can be created at two levels:
    • Global level: These Approval Channels cover all Legal Entities
    • Legal Entity level: These Approval Channels only apply to the specific Legal Entity.
  • Global-level Approval Channels use the following criteria:
    • Org Unit
    • Dollar amount
  • Legal Entity-level Approval Channels use the following criteria:
    • Org Unit
    • Dollar amount
    • Lists (GL Account, Vendor, etc.)
  • Approval Channels can not be deleted

Creating Approval Channels

Chose the Module and select Global or Legal Entity level

In Settings, select the Module from the bar on the top. Select Approval Channels on the left. Select whether the Approval Channel will apply to all Legal Entities (Global Rules) or one specific Legal Entity from the dropdown menu.

Create a new Approval Channel

Click the Create Channel button to open a pop-up menu. Here you will be asked to enter the following criteria for the approval channel.

  • Name: The display name for the Approval Channel
  • Description: The description of the Approval Channel criteria
  • Amount: The dollar limit for the Approval Channel
  • Legal Entity: The Legal Entity for the Approval Channel
  • PO Match (Invoices Only): The invoices must be matched to a PO to hit the Approval Channel
  • Lists: The lists required for the Approval Channel (Legal Entity-level Approval Channels only)

Populating Approval Channels

After creating the Approval Channel, you need to fill in the criteria. Click on the pencil icons to add the list items and approvers. 

For List Items, click the pencil icon for each List. Select the individual items or click the checkbox at the top to select all items. Click the arrow key to add them to the Approval Channel. Click Save to save the changes. 

Click on the pencil icon beside Approvers to add the users who will approve the invoices. In the Available Approvers list, you will see users with either Approver or Administrators with access to the selected Legal Entities. Click the arrow key to add them to the Approval Channel. 

Approvers can be set to approve one by one, or in a group. In group approvals, all users in the group will be alerted that an invoice/purchase order is pending their approval, but only one user in the group is required to approve the invoice/purchase order. Drag one user's name on top of the other to create a group approval. After clicking Save, hover over the Mulitple icon to see who is in the group approval. 

Additional Approval Channel resources

Approval Channels can be customized at any stage to fit your workflow. Check out our additional resources below for more information on editing Approval Channels. For queries relating to your specific needs, please contact your Customer Success Manager

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