Invoice Module - Statuses

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There are multiple statuses in the invoice module to identify the different stages an invoice can be in.

Invoice workflow tabs (except Create) has a set of invoice statuses enabled by default. The default statuses are usually for invoices that require an action to be taken.


InProgress tab has most of the invoice module statuses available.

Default statuses are:

  • New [N]

  • InProgress [IP]

  • Rejected [R]

  • Reset [RE]

Additional statuses available are:

  • Pending Approval [PA]

  • Approved [A]

  • Pay Later [RL]

[N] - New
This status means the invoice has been partially coded by our verification team and is ready for you to finish the line items coding. The invoice can be edited in this status.

[IP] - In Progress
An invoice in IP means that it has not been submitted for approval yet and is still editable.

[R] - Rejected
Rejected means that the invoice that was submitted for approval has been rejected. You can check the approval comments for more information on why the approver rejected the invoice and make the necessary edits.
[RE] - Reset
In order to make changes to an invoice in a non-editable status (PA, A, EX) it needs to be reset. Once reset, the invoice can be edited and submitted for approval again.

[PL] - Pay Later
If an invoice should not be processed at this time, you can mark the invoice as Pay Later. This will keep it in the In-Progress tab but be hidden from default view. If you'd like to see invoices in PL status, you can turn on the PL filter in the In-progress tab. The invoice can be edited in this status once it's been set to be processed.


Default status:

  • Pending Approval [PA]

[PA] - Pending Approval
Once an invoice has been submitted for approval, it will be in this status waiting in the approvals tab to be processed. The invoice can only be edited by an approver if they have permission to edit.


Default statuses:

  • Approved [A]

  • Sync Error [SE]

[A] - Approved
An approved invoice will be in A status and sit in the Export tab to be exported into your ERP. An invoice cannot be edited in this status.

[SE] - Sync Error
If an invoice has any issues exporting into your ERP, it will appear in the Archived tab in SE status. Check the comments of the invoice to see why the invoice sync error'd. An invoice cannot be edited in this status.


Default statuses:

  • Approved [A]

  • Sync Error [SE]

Additional status:

  • Delete [D]

[EX] - Exported 
The invoice that has completed the workflow, when exported into the accounting system will appear in the exported status. An invoice is non editable in this status.

[DP] - Do Not Pay
If an invoice should not be paid, it can be set to DP status. The invoice will skip the entire workflow and go straight to the Archived tab (skipping exporting). An invoice cannot be edit in this status. You can reprocess the invoice, which will bring it back to the In-progress tab. 

[D] - Deleted
Any invoices that are deleted will appear in the Archived tab in D status. They will also be hidden from default view. We keep deleted invoices for 90 days, then permanently delete them from our system. They can be reprocessed within the 90 days but they are not editable in this status.


Additionally you have the option to search for invoices across all statuses by using the search tab.

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