The sync tool is being blocked from connecting to modules in Sage 100. 


All Modules
If you're receiving the following error for each of the modules:

  1. A setting in Sage 100 needs to be enabled for us to have access to Sage. Logged into Sage 100 as the Administrator go to Company Maintenance select the companies we're connecting to and enable "Allow External Access".

Once enabled, open the tool and try the sync again. You should see that the tool can connect and sync to all areas of Sage 100 now.

2. It also possible the incorrect company code is in the company field of the sync tool. Check the company code is correct, if not adjust Save and then Sync

One or More Module Error

If you received the error for just one module it could be due to the sync user set up in the tool to connect to Sage 100. Please ensure the role the sync tool user has the following permissions under Tasks.

Possibility Notes

  1. It is also possible that another user is working in the module at this very point and time and it preforming a critical task. This potentially could block the tool from syncing data from said module at that point in time.

  2. It's rare but in the past we've asked client to restart their Sage server to stop the hold on the module.