This error message relates to imported Purchase Orders syncing from Sage 100 to Beanworks. The message tells us that there is a Warehouse coded to the Purchase Order that is not active in Beanworks. 

Error Message Cause

Warehouse is a mandatory list item in Sage 100 when coding Purchase Orders. Active, Inactive, Null,  and Restricted Warehouse list items are imported from Sage 100. Restricted Warehouse list items appear as Active in Beanworks. 

If a Purchase Order is coded to a Warehouse that is not active in Beanworks, you will receive the error Error Message: Multiple exceptions occurred! * × A Warehouse could not be found with these attributes: {"WarehouseCode":"***"}!. This error will prevent the Purchase Order from syncing into Beanworks.  


You must run a backdated sync to the date of or before the missing Warehouse code was created in Sage 100. Even if you have run a full sync, occasionally the full sync does not pick up all Warehouse codes.

To run a backdated sync, select the Partial Sync option in the SmartSync Menu, and select the necessary date to sync from. 

Once the Warehouse is visible in Beanworks, the Purchase Orders will sync in successfully. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to our Support team at help@beanworks.com