Beanworks invoice module can be used to upload invoice images, code invoices, submit them for approval based on the approval matrix set up and export invoice data back into the accounting system. Invoice module is available to all customers

and is mandatory to use. If you are not an existing customer and would like to learn more about Beanworks invoice module, please email sales@beanworks.com.

You also have the option to use other modules.

1) Payment Module. To pay your vendor invoices or reimbursing your employee expenses. Learn more.

2) Expense Module. For employees to capture receipts and submit expense reports. Learn more.

3) Purchase Order Module. To create purchase orders and send them to vendors. Learn more.


  • Complete the P2P experience in one consolidated system

  • Speed up the process of coding invoice header and line item data and paying vendor invoices

  • Provide visibility into vendor invoices across all companies in real time


  • You have signed up with Beanworks and your account is created.



STEP 1: Upload an invoice image

Invoice images can be uploaded into the system by the following methods:

If you have selected the invoice image to be manually captured, then select the invoice image and click on the 'Create Invoice' button.

STEP 2: Code the invoice details

You can capture the invoice header and line item details. Please note, the invoice header and line item details you see are specific to the accounting system you are using.

STEP 3: Submit the invoice for approval

Once you have updated the invoice data, you can submit it for approval.

The invoice will hit the approval queue of the approver created at the time of setup. To learn more about how to create approval channels, please read here.

In case you are not ready to submit the invoice for approval, you can save it and continue working on it.

STEP 4: Approve (or reject) the invoice

As an approver you have the option to approve or reject an invoice either by going to to each invoice individually or by batch approving or rejecting invoice(s).

STEP 5: Export invoice data into the accounting system

Once the invoice has been approved, you can export the invoice data into the accounting system.