Quadient AP Invoice module can be used to upload invoice images, code invoices, submit them for approval based on the approval matrix set up and export invoice data back into the accounting system. If you are not an existing customer and would like to learn more about Quadient AP, please email sales@beanworks.com.

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Feature Supported

Invoice workflow process

Upload an invoice image

Invoice images can be uploaded into the system by the following methods:

If you have selected the invoice image to be manually captured, then select the invoice image and click on the 'Create Invoice' button.

Code the invoice details

You can capture the invoice header and line item details. Please note, the invoice header and line item details you see are specific to the accounting system you are using.

Submit the invoice for approval 

Once you have updated the invoice data, you can submit it for approval. The invoice will hit the approval queue of the approver based on your Approval Channels.

Approvel or reject the invoice

The approver will approve or reject an invoice. This can be done either by going through each invoice individually or using the batch approve/reject option.

Export the invoice to your ERP

Once an invoice is fully approved, you can export the data into your ERP.